Well….truth is…

I’m not that interested in what you’re doing “there” — partially because your swag gif is intentionally offensive but mostly because I’m interested in what you’re doing “here” in interaction with me (and others, here).

Sometimes camaraderie is not all, or shouldn’t be (gasp! Moral talk!), because its effect is precisely to define boundaries of inclusion/exclusion. That’s my interest in Medium as a medium of communication.

It may be my search is misplaced. The overt and intentional emphasis on writing, on expression ‘from’ an author ‘to’ an audience works against collaborative knowledge development and indirectly reinforces silos.

My hope is that Medium’s nifty tools of highlighting and response enable more cross-silo interconnecting, which can promote increased intersectionality in social terms as well as among disciplines.

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exploring the resilience factor in human systems

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