Urgency, too.

In addition to Chris Kreider’s notion of priority as a synonym for attention, another potential synonym is whatever feels most urgent. kingsley ijomah is on point that “attention & desire are strongly coupled” — desire, however, is largely conditioned and unless/until we recognize and re-dress the social training, attention will inevitably be dispersed among a range of activities of varying ‘significance’ (the measure of which is dependent on the conditions of each situation).

Also important, structurally, is to recognize that the kind of flow-state of focused attention-giving described by Jason Fried may be a manifestation of white privilege. That is, whiteness is, in part, the taken-for-granted nature of such an experience. The wide-scale recognition of Jason’s point that there’s a difference between time and attention (856 recommends as of 12/5/15 — five days since publishing) is reflective of conditions that enable such a distinction to even have meaning. If you’re poor and scrabbling for food or shelter, any difference between attention and time collapses.

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