On Ambivalence

(or are you a douchebag?)

The smiley face is great. I am fair, thank you for noticing! Also, you’re right, diversity is a good thing. You’re honest too, which makes our unlikely interlocuting possible. I can overlook hyperbole ;-)

Forms of Genius

Cutting through comment clutter

Could Meta be Betta?

Frank Chimero’s “tracer cells” of language

You may hate this, Graham, and I apologize in advance if there’s no room here for us to continue. I’m hoping your cup of tea and attendant desire for camaraderie either has enough depth for continued engagement or isn’t the sum total of your Medium brand. Surely you could mock my earnestness, at least! Thanks, anyway, for recommending my story, The Birth of Psychohistory — I figure coming from you that’s a real compliment!

Going Meta

Writing our way to new stories and better relationships

“Sometimes taking a bit of time away and coming back after other things have happened is useful to create an actual tangent in a new/different way rather than simply (quickly) repeating another loop through the same territory.”

Bob Mankoff scoffs at the universalization of captions because the reduction of infinite variety to one encompassing label clearly diminishes human expression and creativity, but this isn’t the sole terrain of meta! Meta allowed me to read a humanizing ambivalence (because he promised not to toot his horn again in this exchange) into Graham’s disparagement of Commenting — which felt like quite a rebuke since I had just proclaimed my hope for Medium as a medium of interaction moreso than (or at least in addition to being) an outlet for expression expression expression. (Reception is so quiet in comparison, isn’t it? And channeled: recommend, highlight, respond, bookmark or leave no mark except an anonymous tally in the stats.)

Misunderstanding as opportunity

Minor moments for innovation and creativity

The Fine Art of Nexting

Finding ways to continue…

We can write new social rules — not through words alone, as finely-crafted as they can be — but by how we choose to use words together, in interaction, collectively writing new patterns of communication that fundamentally alter the structures of our inter-relationships.

But only if ya wanna!

__________________________________________________________________Additional Credit: Michael Mark Cohen

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FYI Cara Meverden, this is why I need to be able to trace and recover all of my highlights, not just the most recent batch! I’m doing something with them; or planning to.

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exploring the resilience factor in human systems

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