I hear ya about Medium interactions going awry.

My initial enthusiasm has waned but I haven’t given up yet. Still sorting what I perceive here: emphasis on facts and experience (factual; empirical) or literary fiction. Interaction by Medium authors isn’t as creative (yet) in bridging the two as it could be. Writers produce (expression) and readers respond in linear channeled fashion, with the structure of comments deliberately designed to inhibit extensive co-development.

While I understand the motivation of reducing spam and minimizing a whole range of possible violences, it seems a disservice to co-intelligently extending, for instance, the kind of humanizing strategies by which you’re raising your children to the (supposed?) majority of Medium writers who (at least in my projection, wink) are drawn here for problem-solving and/or staying on the crest of a learning edge.

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exploring the resilience factor in human systems

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