Hiya Ben! So….I’ve been wondering about messaging you offline or online….I think Soirée would have an opinion about your question/summary “what it’s all about”, but it’s kindof awkward to facilitate when you haven’t engaged her in relation to what she wrote.

Did my asking you to go there and engage her as my colleague come across as cryptic? She and I have been slowly, steadily building a conversation in the comments to her first post. Meanwhile, our next pair of posts is forthcoming soon enough. Mine will explain more about how we’re trying to establish the conditions for a dialogue about whiteness right here, in Medium, out in the open of the internet wild. This doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be interested in a collaboration or some kind of participation in other events, but our first aim is to invite people to engage us “here” where others can witness, learn, join, criticize, etc., rather than conduct this dialogue in more private, essentially ‘walled off’ spaces.

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exploring the resilience factor in human systems

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