Hi Nyala Lam,

“White” is a category that was created in law in the 1600s to ensure privileges to Irish indentured servants in order to prevent them from making alliances with black slaves. It has become a ‘culture’ on this basis, so I disagree that this is a vital grouping which “we” in any way need to try to preserve.

That said, culture is organic and develops in all kinds of unusual ways! I’m much more interested in keeping cultures intact that have distinct ways of orienting to the world based on the ways, rather than on external/physical appearance. Skin is a simple substitute that gets us in trouble. Then, we need an overall system (such as an active and genuine democracy) that helps all the people of each different culture get along in safe and healthy ways.

In other words, I’m distinguishing between the unique cultures of peoples and the larger system of government that manages the interactions of people who come from/belong to different cultures. The problem with whiteness is that these two things are conflated, that is, taken to mean the same thing. I’m saying we need to separate the two, and then I’m all on board with you in terms of valuing cultural continuity!

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