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  • Not An Angry Deaf Person

    Not An Angry Deaf Person

  • erin malone

    erin malone

    I cowrote Designing Social Interfaces. I like to make models to explain complex systems. I design things. I take a lot of pictures.

  • Chris Newman

    Chris Newman

    Building a new, accessible, open, and democratic food economy in the Chesapeake Bay region @ Sylvanaqua Farms

  • Keisha Oleaga

    Keisha Oleaga

    Writer. Entrepreneurship ➕Holistic Wellness & Nutritionist Coach.Traveler. Promoting conscious eating & Living For Wellness. https://linktr.ee/holistica_k

  • Shad 8 Black

    Shad 8 Black

    Taking my revenge plot against Wattpad (that company based in Tortono, Canada, they stole my writing career)

  • Arlene Garcia

    Arlene Garcia

  • Thomas P Seager, PhD

    Thomas P Seager, PhD

    TPSeager@StoryGarden.co Self-Actual Engineering https://www.youtube.com/c/ThomasSeager @seagertp Join https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13613731

  • Rachel Ricketts

    Rachel Ricketts

    racial justice advocate. intuitive healer. writer. speaker. donut lover.

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