Definition of “going meta”

Graham Anderson, this is what I’m talking about.

Sankhalina, I’m dragging you in to illustrate an invitation I’ve been making over the past months since joining Medium, about a potential of Medium that is (as far as I can tell so far) being under-utilized (if it’s even recognized at all).

The particular thread is an exchange between me and Graham on his post, Meaningful Interaction is the Currency of Medium. As of today there are eight turns in our exchange, which makes it my longest “conversation” to date. Woot woot!

The formatting doesn’t allow others to see this depth, though — at least not in the desktop version. You have to click through the “one response” and scroll down each time to see that there’s another one. I think the mobile version is better? If I recall, it will tell you there’s a conversation — but I’m not sure if it shows the number of replies.

It definitely takes a lot of human curating (as Ben Roberts’ describes) to sort out and make these interconnections. I wish Medium Staff would make it a little easier!

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